¿Qué es Aquamar?

AQUAMAR Internacional


AQUAMAR Internacional, is founded in 2002, as a private enterprise with the idea to consolidate a commercial exhibit and a symposium useful for the aquacultures and fishermen, because at that moment there were different event like symposiums and events organized by National Comision of Aquaculture and fisheries CONAPESCA (Comisión Nacional de Acuacultura y Pesca), and private enterprises, but not one with an identity recognized in the national or international sector, AQUAMAR Internacional has been working on this, positioning its brand with the idea of gathering the producers, fisheries researchers and all the ones who are involve in the economy process and production of the aquiculture and fisheries in Mexico and in the rest of the world.

Buisness Mission

Motivate the sector of aquiculture, manufacture, commercialization, scuba diving, nourishment, restaurants to give an added value to their products or services in which they are involved to contribute to the development of new business and development of people, contributing for the economic development of Mexico, all of this with the idea of a celedration for those who are involved in the aquiculture and fisheries.

Formalize the organization and development of a commercial exhibit and symposium up to 1,000 booths, with at least 5 international pavilions, 100 million of dollars in new business and a curricular value symposium, all of this in a relaxed and friendship environment that propitiates the negotiations.

Social responsibility

By it self the exhibit should offer big development opportunities for all the participants, the commercial exhibit is open for the general public with out charge, AQUAMAR International will also count with scholarships for the symposium.

Courses will offer to the expositors so they can increase the opportunities of making business in the next fair.

Business Objectives

  • To be a wealthy and self-sustained enterprise
  • Create a team compromised with AQUAMAR Internacional
  • Trough AQUAMAR Internacional, Mexico can have a privileged place inthe fairs of the world of aquiculte and fisheries
  • To be the organizer of similar fairs in other countries


Biol. Germán López
Presidente del Comité Organizador
[email protected]

Lic. Carmen Porras
Coordinadora General
[email protected]

Lic. Verónica Sánchez
Ejecutiva de Ventas
[email protected]

Sr. Alberto Hernández
Imagen y Públicidad
[email protected]

Office: Lluvia 225 Bis Col. Jardines del Pedregal C.P. 01900 Deleg. Alvaro Obregón México, Distrito Federal
+52 (55) 5135-6128 y +52 (55) 5135-5697 ext 107, 106

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